Welcome to SP Entertainment (SP Ent), an entertainment media company with a focus on game development. We are a small company with a big passion to create fun, intelligent, wholesome entertainment. Currently, we are concentrating on the development of electronic and table top games. When it comes to SP Ent., don't expect an average entertainment media company. Do expect great service, great people, and great entertainment for everyone.



Tilt: The Sport of Kings, assume the role of a Medieval knight, move from tournament to tournament as the history of the Medieval age unfolds around you, experience the Medieval era through the eyes of its people and enjoy the Middle Ages from an inside perspective.


Katastrogon 3D


Katastrogon 3D: The Aolian Order, manipulate the unpredictable power of matter and physics to smash jewel colored polygons to bits, inciting a polygon “katastrophe.”


Raptors' Realm


Raptors' Realm, take on the role of a raptor, king of the skies, patrol your realm and keep the nest fed by collecting trophies, or protect the nest by driving away rivals as you soar through the sky majestically.

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